Pre and Post Natal

Specialist Yoga Teacher

Hello, I’m Stacey – a pre and post natal yoga teacher. I support women through their pregnancy journey to motherhood and beyond on and off the mat. 

I help women build connection with themselves and their babies, using breathwork (pranayama) and movement to prepare the body and mind for birth. While easing common physical aches and pains that come with pregnancy and the post natal period. Enabling women to find comfort and support to feel their best during this incredible time. 

My Story

I’m originally from Wellington, New Zealand, having recently moved to Brooklyn with my young family by way of 15 amazing years in London.

I began practicing Vinyasa and Rocket yoga once I moved to London in 2008, while I was nannying for families and traveling all over the world with my role, yoga kept me grounded, and through consistent practice I learned so much more about myself, supported my mental well being and I thoroughly enjoyed the physical challenges of trying to learn tricky inversions, quite literally learning to give things a different perspective and to cultivate space on and off the mat.

Initially, I trained in Vinyasa in 2016, Rocket in 2018, and Yin yoga. While I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2019 I studied Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga with Yoga Mama London. Which sparked a light and passion to support women through this incredible journey to motherhood, so I furthered my education with Sally Parkes’ Advance Postnatal Yoga course.

Yoga supported me through both of my pregnancies providing space to connect to my babies, mind, and body throughout the journey, and played a huge role in helping me heal from the inside and out postpartum.
Having personally experienced the many benefits of practicing yoga through my journey to motherhood, I am deeply passionate about sharing yoga and supporting women on their own journeys.
See you on the mat soon!

Stacey xx

Qualifications and Training
Since September 2016 I’ve completed over 400 hours of training and studying different styles and aspects Yoga. My training certainly reflects my journey as a student not just as a teacher as I started to dive deeper into the practices and also personally, deciding to train in pre and post natal yoga to be able to support myself in starting a family.

Vinyasa Yoga
200 Hour Foundation in Power Vinyasa – With Jack Boken of Happy Jack Yoga.

50 Hours Advanced Teaching Techniques – With Michael James Wong and Emily Claire Hill of Sunday School Yoga.

80 Hours of Rocket Vinyasa – With The Yoga People and Marcus Veda.

Yin Yoga
50 Hours Yin and the Chakras – With The Yoga People.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga
65 Hours Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Training,   as well as 16 hours of CPD in Birth Preparation yoga, and postnatal yoga with babies – all with Yogamama London.

25 Hour Advanced Postnatal Yoga, With Sally Parkes Yoga.