Here you’ll find more about the benefits of practicing Yoga and more about the styles I teach.


Rocket and Yin.

Vinyasa based yoga is a practice that focuses in bringing movement and breath together to create a moving mediation, hence its often referred to as Vinyasa flow. These classes have creative sequences and vary with a different theme or focuses week to week, but they’ll always work towards building strength as well as flexibility and you’ll leave feeling energised yet grounded and connected to ones self. In Sanskrit “Vinyasa” does from to words, nyasa meaning ‘to place’ and the prefix vi, ‘in a special way’, so the practice enables us to cultivate awareness and to practice our movements and thoughts with intention, a practice that serves us off our mats too.

• The Rocket is Larry Schultz’s incarnation of yoga based off of Pattabhi Jois’ three Ashtanga series. He loved the practice and the dedication Ashtanga requires but he wanted to allow students more time to explore their own practice, mind, body and breath and play and have fun while on their mats – so expect a dynamic Vinyasa practice with plenty of opportunities to play with asana (poses) where you may float on your hands, fly through transitions and take off! “Where ever you’re going Rocket will get you there faster” – Larry.

• Vinyasa based yoga is a Yang practice you might expect Yin to the opposite. While Yin is a more static practice where asana are held for 3-5 minutes at a time this does not make it the opposite, any easier or less demanding – both physically or mentally. The long holds allow us to access the facia, the connective tissues of the body, ligaments and the subtle body systems of the chakras and merdians. Yin is a great complement to the yang practices as a way of finding balance. 



” Krishnamacharya emphasised vinyasa as an artful approach to living,

a way of applying skill and awareness of yoga to all the rhythms and sequences of Life,

self-care, relationships, work and personal evolution”.

– Shiva rea –


Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga.

• Pregnancy is a truly unique time, it comes with the excitement and anticipation of the new arrival, but it is not without its ups and downs. Your body works hard – its not just a saying that its like running a marathon, growing a whole new tiny human demands a lot from you and your body so its no wonder the body gets achy and sore – this is where my pregnancy yoga classes can help you feel more comfortable, stay strong, connect to your baby and practice relaxation and breathing techniques all of which you might choose to use during labor and beyond.


• Postnatal Yoga is all about nurturing the Mother. I aim to support Mums with time to move and breathe, with sequences that focus on releasing tension and safely rebuilding strength after giving birth. Although my focus of these sessions are on the Mums, babies are welcome during sessions, they can be incorporated easily into our movements and please feel free to feed, cuddle or change a nappy -whatever the little ones need.

Studio Timetable

Pre COVID and pre the arrival of my little one, you would find me teaching full schedule of regular classes all over London at Yogahaven, Gymbox, MoreYoga and Oncore.

Now as we emerge from lockdown 3.0 I’m excited to be returning to Studio classes on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

For those of you who have loved practicing at home, I’ve got you! 

I’ll continue to run Zoom classes for both Pregnancy and Postnatal and they’ll run in course/ block format.

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London, UK

You’ll find me teaching in studios across the city and on Zoom, where ever you are.

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