Why you should exercise during pregnancy and postnatally? 

If you’re here, you may already practice yoga and know that’s what I teach and am passionate about! Even so, I’m here today to go over why exercising with HIIT, cardio and weights throughout your pregnancy and building these back into your routine postpartum (with the proper guidance, of course!) is incredibly beneficial to your physical and mental well-being especially pre and postnatally.

There’s a lot of misinformation about exercise during pregnancy which always upsets me when I hear that is why so many women shy away from exercise as it can make such a difference to your experience.

Firstly it’s good to know that you can; so many of my clients arrive on their yoga mat in their third trimester having not practiced or worked out since they found out they had conceived!

Second, you can begin working out even if you didn’t before you were pregnant. Even if you’re a seasoned runner or gym bunny, you don’t need to stop! However, there are things you need to be aware of – which is why no matter where you are in your exercise journey I’ll always recommend women to work out with fully qualified PTs and experts in fitness and exercise for pregnancy, birth, and postnatal. So you are always in good knowledgeable hands!

Staying active helps to ease the inevitable aches and pains of growing a tiny human.

It also helps keep you strong for labour, and the stronger and fitter you are before giving birth will certainly positively impact your postnatal recovery.

Yoga and exercise also benefit you mentally and emotionally, relieving stress and anxiety. Who doesn’t love an endorphin hit after a long night of cluster feeding? Some days you won’t have the energy for a few rounds or cardio, so the yoga is there for those days. From my experience, if I only had 30 or so minutes of me time postnatally, as much as I might want a nap, 30 minutes on my mat or moving to a great playlist will 9/10 serve me better overall (somedays not moving from the sofa wins too!).

Charlie Barker founder of Bumps and Burpees is my absolute go-to for all things pre and postnatal exercise! Charlie’s Bumps and Burpees online studio is perfect for anyone. There are specific plans for pregnancy and postnatal, and not only does each have a variety of workout styles (think cardio, upper body, and lower body), and I’m super proud to say the yoga with yours truly! And I can’t forget the fantastic pelvic floor advice from physiotherapist Clare Bourne, nutrition tips from Amy Powderham, and pilates with Amanda!

The latest addition to the Bumps and Burpee’s platform is The Bumps and Burpees Club, which is for those Mamas who are no longer immediately postnatal and don’t know where to go to continue to stay active and progress their fitness and well-being. These classes will build on the foundations laid in the postnatal plan and will continue to keep you strong as your little people grow!

I love truly love these classes! I have done them during both of my pregnancy and postnatally along side my yoga practice of course! So I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, I really do believe doing a combination yoga, strength and cardio is the best combo for overall well-being as a mum!

Written by Stacey



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